Protein Chemistry / Product Development

BioCol GmbH specializes in the research, production and distribution of in vitro
research products for molecular and cellular laboratory medicine, particularly
in products which are embedded in the general aspect of the ethiopathogenesis
and therapy of the destructive processes observed in diseases of the epithelium
and connective tissue matrix. By cultivating close contacts with their customers
and cooperating closely with scientific institutions BioCol GmbH is able to
realize a program of quality-controlled product maintenance and development
that is orientated towards the very latest scientific developments.

BioCol GmbH answers to bulk orders and inquiries of custom purification and
modification of highly purified and active protein from natural and recombinant
sources. BioCol GmbH designs and develops enzyme activity assays for diverse
screening applications as Ready-to-Use Kits and Sets including high
throughput systems and immunoassays.